Friday, December 31, 2010

Shared Dialogue Communications

I love to write. I love to edit. I have been having a love affair with words since I picked up a crayon, then moved on to pencils and graduated to pens. My penmanship is horrible, so when I became a journalist I was happy to pick up shorthand. The fewer letters the better. Easier on the eyes, at times. Computers are amazing, I type everything, except story ideas, and short stories; I have to write those. There’s something about writing – utensil to paper – that completes me.
Earlier this year, in August, I started freelancing. I created Shared Dialogue Communications and began helping others market their businesses, writing ad copy, website copy and even giving lessons on how to tweet on Twitter. I really enjoy social media, and its spot in the world, but even more than that, I love showing others how to utilize such tools for marketing and for sharing dialogue with others they come in contact with daily or those they can come in contact with daily unknowingly. I look forward to further developing my Shared Dialogue Communications in the upcoming year and seeing how my clients progress in their business dealings.
One of my clients is Bello Games New York. This company is home to a vast collection of home games. Check them out! I’ll have more information to share soon on what’s new at Bello Games New York.

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