Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I used to be: A. Musician B. Journalist C. Professor…

Today I feel like sharing a fun fact since I can, it’s my blog and I’m new to blogging and probably new to most of you. I used to be a journalist. I was a news reporter and an obituary reporter.  I have always enjoyed writing which lead to my studies in journalism and my career as a journalist. Journalists are unique people. I have an attachment to them. They give us our news, daily. Most do so tactfully, and then there are those who don’t, of course.
Anywho, the first newspaper I wrote for is the Quad-City Times. I never worked with food as a kid growing up. My first job was at the newspaper. The first time I set foot in the newspaper, I spent the day job shadowing some reporters, wrote my first news brief, an editorial and fell in love with the newsroom. I was in high school and loving life.
I got a job working in production. I did what was called “paste-up”, literally putting the newspaper together, by articles, advertisements, border tape, and wax on grids. I sent my developments to a camera guy who took pictures of them, and so the news pages went. When I came home from my freshman year of college, I wrote for the newspaper, in addition to having been a reporter for my college newspaper. However, I started working with a copy-desk editor and learned how to paginate news pages using QuarkXPress. You see, the production efforts I had been putting forth had been long replaced by desktop publishing. I’m not old, so I wonder if my newspaper was behind in the times or if I just got to experience some really cool changes in history in the realm of desktop publishing.

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