Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Awake

Hello all! I feel like I’ve lost my mind, literally. I’ve this blog, I created it, and I have been busy working, and reading and writing but not sharing! Sharing is what it’s all about. And WOW, I’ve a lot to share. So, let’s get this dialogue going.

It’s spring where I live. The sun decided to return, so that means my winter blahs are in the process of banishing, but I’m fighting to keep my energy levels up. It happens about this time yearly for me, so I’ve been trying to stay active. I wonder what my other hypo friends are doing to beat fatigue. If you feel like sharing, let me know. I’ve a few things I do in these times.

Nap ~ If my body says sleep, I sleep. Our bodies speak to us, but the question is: Do we listen to our bodies? I often take power naps. Sometimes 10 to 20 minutes does me a world of good, but when I feel like Jell-O, I don’t set an alarm. I simply lie down, I fall asleep and when I wake, I wake.

Yoga & Pilates ~ Practicing Yoga allows me to clear my mind of all things. When I attend my Bikram Yoga classes, I focus solely on my poses and clearing my mind. It’s so relaxing and calming for me. I look forward to Yoga and Pilates classes alike. Pilates strengthens me. The exercise is good. If you can attend Yoga or Pilates classes in your part of the world, try it out. Tell me what you think and how it helps you with your energy levels.

Got Veggies? ~ I have allergies, and troubles digesting certain foods. Sometimes I have to switch up my diet. I was a vegetarian for two years and a Vegan for two and a half years. I remember how good I felt living a veggie lifestyle, but now I try to focus on what I need to take in to feel good. When I’m feeling a bout of extreme fatigue taking over me, I try to eat more veggies and lean protein, think spinach, salmon and salads rich in cabbage, mushrooms and my favorite: red onions!! I try to avoid simple carbs, and some complex like wheat, due to allergies. It’s hard for me to digest wheat and gluten-ridden foods. They cause me to be sluggish, and that hinders my energy levels. Listen to your body, figure out what makes you feel good – eat that, unless of course it’s a mountain of cupcakes. Just have one and keep it moving. What makes you feel bad – leave that alone, run away from those things.

Talk to Mom ~ My mom knows when I’m tiring out, doing too much, running around too often. She gives me a reality check. Who in your life can give you that check and help you get on course to being a healthier and more energized version of yourself? When you know, visit with him or her and simmer down. You’ll feel better in the long-run.

I often hit the Web to see what works for others living with hypothyroidism in times of extreme fatigue. When you are tired out, you want to do something fast to wake yourself up. Not all sources can be trusted, not everything will work for you the way it works for someone else, but in due time you will figure out what it is you have to do to be the healthier and more energized version of YOU. What are you waiting for? Get to it...right after your power nap!

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