Monday, May 23, 2011


I love when Katie and the gang at dearthyroid encourage a Thyrant because it seems that given the day and age that we live in, and for those of us with thyroid conditions particularly, we need to let some things out. If you haven’t visited dearthyroid, do so!

I am just now reading a post that was published on May 3, by Katie herself. It’s truly thought provoking. Twice a year I find myself fighting my thyroid disease, tired out, feeling lost and wishing for my old self to return. I honestly miss my pre-hypothyroid self. I’ve read that many of you do too! In her post, Katie addresses chronic worthlessness and questions whether or not it’s synonymous with chronic illness. Read, reflect and feel free to comment.

I hope this finds you living well.


  1. Love the blog, girl! Hope you are feeling well right now and don't have the blahs! xoxo! Ann :)

  2. My darling, you have no idea how proud of you I am. I am in awe of your willingness to speak up and out about your disease and how you feel about it. You bring it every day. You're a thyrock-star!

    You know, I can't stop thinking about chronic worthlessness and how that factors into chronic illness. I do wonder how many of us feel this way. I hope that we can talk about it - all of us - I really do.

    You've given us a beautiful platform to begin.

    Big hugs

  3. Hello ladies! I appreciate your comments more than you know.

    Ann ~ I hope to see you soon. I just came out of a blah stage, finally! Spring and Fall can be rough for me. XO S

    Katie ~ Big hugs to you too and more than thanks for your words of encouragement, and inspiration - always. It has taken me a long time to share, I'm still making strides and so my journey continues.

    Identifying chronic worthlessness and putting it "out there" as a discussion topic is really dynamic. I'm still digesting it and looking forward to sharing more dialogue in regards to this topic. It's definitely a concern of mine.

    Many thanks and hugs,

  4. Did you see my comment on that post? I'm yallolorry on dear thyroid. I wrote a load but no one responded.

  5. @Lorraine ~ No, send me a hyperlink!

  6. It's on the link in your post. I must have commented after you'd read it