Friday, December 30, 2011

Feelin'  Fresh Friday

Happy Friday to you, dolls. Take a seat, unwind and get a whiff of these fresh flowers. It's hard to believe we are approaching a new year, already! Everyone is in their "new gym", resolutions, and toxic friends removal mode. I too am in that mix! I'm just saying!

Healthy Life
To my thyroid friends, I hope you continue to share your trials, successes, and rants with our friends in the thyroid health community. You have been a support to me and many others over the past few years, and I will continue to share dialogue with you about thyroid health topics and my own experiences. Time is moving fast, even when we are enduring long days filled with bouts of fatigue, and feeling lethargic...but you have to remember to keep moving and this episode soon will pass. 

What's working for you?
Tell me what works for you when you aren't on the up and up? Here's what is working for me:

* Daylight Midday - Take a few minutes out of your day to take an afternoon stroll and take in some natural sunlight. This will work wonders for your soul, day and spur an afternoon burst of energy in you.

* Fruit & Veggie Day - Pick one day of the week to load up on fruits and vegetables. Your digestive track, skin and mood will love you for it! It's a quick and easy way to get more vitamins in your diet, and a motivating factor in changing your health behavior. On my fruit and veggie days, I like to eat a Larabar for breakfast, a spinach salad with avocados for lunch and steamed veggies with rosemary and olive oils for dinner. These days remind me of my days as a vegetarian, they are nostalgic and delicious.

* Smile - Smiles are the bomb! They are contagious and can be seductive and flirty with a splash of innocence. You could be smiling for reasons that no one else even has to know the reason, only you. Doesn't that sound like fun? Are you smiling yet? I am, right back at ya, boo!

Peace and blessings,


  1. Love it! Smiles are the bomb and they are containgous. Can't spell but hope you understand. Love you! Happy 2012!

  2. Thank you (smiling back at you)! 2012 ~ that's what's up!

  3. Hey Girl-
    The Dietitian at my work also suggested taking Vitamin D in the Winter as it truly helps with the lack of natural sunlight we get around this time of year!! And to my Thyroid people it sucks and I totally understand how hard it is this season especially when it comes to Fatigue.

  4. Hey Girl Hey!
    That's fabulous! I too am on Vitamin D sups. I'm glad you are benefiting from the effects as well. Fatigue is a B...mmmm...hmmm, and aches and pains are no fun. I have found that Vitamin D is also helping me with my aches and pains that hit my bones. Get those Vitamin D levels checked on the regular. It came as a shock to me when I first had my levels checked and they were low. Love the comments. Thanks for the thyroid love, T!