Friday, January 6, 2012

What's in my bag?

Hey friends hey!! TGIF!

Hello Kitty Water Bottle
I made a quick appearance at the gym today. I did a 30 minute circuit blast (I only tripped once while stepping in between machines today), and that’s all I had for. If you can work out for at least 30 minutes a day, a few times a week, you have it going on. And, 20 minutes is better than no minutes. Sometimes we get it in our minds that we have to work-out for hours on in to have a good workout, but that’s not the truth. Depending upon what you are doing, trying to achieve and what your fitness and health goals are, you can mix things up. Do what works for you.

philosophy Goodie Bag
This morning at work I was gifted by a dear friend. My gifts include tinsel town lip gloss by philosophy, a fabulous lip balm by MAC and gluten free lip balm by HURRAW. Oprah introduced her to this balm. I love trying new products. I’m currently trying out the grapefruit lip balm, and loving the fact that it’s gluten free. MAC is one of my all-time favorites. Thanks, Ms. Pati!

iPad & iPhone
I never leave home without them. I carry my iPad in this cool kate spade case called the Journal. It’s like having want ads in a newspaper protecting my iPad. It’s inspirational and great. Apple, that’s where it’s at!

Orange kate spade Wallet & Organizer
The color orange has made its way to my favorite shade list. Over the summer my mom and I went shopping, and she picked out a few things for me, and said I needed to brighten my wardrobe. And so I did. Six months later, orange is a color I cannot live without. My new post-it notes are really cute, floral in shape with stars for designs, they are orange. I love this color.

I decided this past fall that while I do use my calendar on my iPhone since it syncs up nicely into my world, I still wanted to have an organizer to throw my bills, notes and ideas into. That’s when I saw and fell in love with my kate spade planner. It’s truly marvelous. The sayings, pictures, designs and colors (black with a green closure), are lively and inviting. I picked up a calendar for my workspace that matches this collection while shopping in Chicago last week. To get the collection, just look for the Ace of Spades…this calendar is vibrant and full of colors.

The magazine. I’m still trying to finish reading the September 2011 issue with Jennifer Hudson on the cover. I don’t ever dare toss a magazine without reading it. Even when I’m finished with it, I pass it on to share or I recycle. I’m enjoying this issue.

Key Fob
My car requires a key fob to operate. Just yesterday I tossed my gym bag into the trunk of my car and then shut the trunk. I heard some beeping. It didn’t lock. THANK YOU KEY FOB! It’s just that smart.  I feel as if this concept was created for me and those like me who may nonchalantly leave their keys in the car or trunk when hurrying off to the gym…DOINK! (Thank you NeNe for that word. iLove!)

I always carry something to eat. Today I’ve got a Larabar in Apple Pie. I get hungry!

That’s it, aside from a few bills and post-it notes to help me remember things. I love sharing little pieces of me with you. I like when you share too. What’s going on in your purse, pockets and messenger bags?

Have a great weekend, darlings.

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