Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adrenal Fatigue

I had a bout with adrenal fatigue last summer. It lasted several weeks. I didn't know it was adrenal fatigue until I was diagnosed. What I did know was that I was tired, because I had insomnia like never before, I was waking up between 1AM and 2AM daily, ready to start my day, and I experienced heart palpitations that were scary. I even fainted one afternoon due to low blood sugar levels. I simply wasn't myself and I was living life in a haze. The brain fog was horrific!

Adrenal fatigue, as I describe it, is a purse full of symptoms, similar to those I described above, in addition to tired and stressed adrenal glands, and whack blood sugar levels.

The adrenals sit over the kidneys and  produce hormones, are responsible for several bodily functions, and help balance your blood sugar, so that you can get through the day with decent energy levels. When your blood sugar drops, the adrenals release hormones that cause your blood sugar to rise and increase your energy. When functioning properly, they keep you going, and support you and your crazy, busy lifestyle.  Fight or flight response often comes into play when discussing the adrenal glands. When you are stressed or in a situation which calls for you to move at full speed ahead or think fast, that fight or flight energy kicks in. Our adrenals are responsible for this. But, if your adrenals aren't functioning properly, you can end up in a hot mess!

My chiropractor, who is also a doctor of naturopathy, treated me successfully for my adrenal fatigue, and educate me on the condition, in addition to estrogen dominance. Stay tuned for my treatment information and additional notes regarding adrenal fatigue.


  1. Shemeka~ I too am recovering from adrenal fatigue and am so happy for you that you have found the right treatment. I have been wondering if a chiropractor would be helpful for my low thyroid. I just started progesterone for estrogen dominance as well, completing the hormonal trifecta :). REALLY looking forward to hearing all about your healing experience!

  2. Hello Zen Thyroid - My latest post is for you. My apologies for the delaying response. I am scratching the surface here, but sharing what treatment worked for me. How are you feeling

  3. That's so great there are people out there willing to treat adrenal fatigue! So glad the treatment's been successful for you. It's something I need to address myself - I have all of those issues you describe. Great blog!

    1. Hi, Jess,
      Amen to that! Let's give my doctor props for recognizing it!! Thank you for reading the post and for enjoying the blog.

      I hope to continue sharing dialogue, relating to my thyroid friends and offering support by sharing.

      I hope this finds you doing well,