Monday, July 23, 2012


ThyroidChange has launched a new web-intuitive site. It was created by and is maintained by thyroid patients advocating for better treatment. I am encouraging YOU to become a self-advocate while uniting and supporting other thyroid patients in your thyroid health journey. Check it out at Thank you Michelle and thank you to everyone involved in creating a place for thyroid patients to inspire change. Hope this finds you feeling and living well! Follow me to ThyroidChange.


  1. This is NO LONGER the journey of one patient, but the shared vision of thousands of thyroid patients (& their supporters)uniting for better care worldwide~ There are so many passionate patients sharing the word of ThyroidChange.

    I am humbled to have been there since its inception. This is the initiative of thyroid patients worldwide and we will effect change.

  2. The forum that is operating as a platform now is uniquely comprised of thyroid patients. Thank you, and may all efforts involved be beyond appreciated and bring tremendous results and attention to the cause.