Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hell in a Pair of Ballet Flats...

Last week was crappy. It was a horrible thyroid health week for me. I'm feeling lean, thanks to fruits and veggies...but utterly disgusted with myself and my memory. I thought this week would be better, but there's this issue with my memory...I've lost it, and it has cost me 200$ in fines from Illinois tolls and two weddings on Saturday. I remember when notes as reminders worked well for me, but if you aren't a permanent fixture in my life, or a note on a bathroom mirror of my home, I will forget you too.

I can't align my thyroid stars to save my life. Last week, I seriously had one emotional outburst, anxiety attack, and short-tempered flair up after another. It was like the smallest things kept compiling, on top of me trying to smile thru it all, attend each shower, party, and meeting on my calendar. I was fatigued, I had an accident with a razor, and that's when I had to get a grip and a bandage, which unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to and now my ankle is calming down and the welts have disappeared.

I took a nap. I rested, and I thought about my hypothyroidism. I really try so hard to forget about it at times, but I can't, for obvious reasons. But, I do bear in mind that I have to sometime make those folks in my life aware of it. I may look like a million bucks some days, at the party or in the office, but when I speak, and my words are jumbled, or when I have forgotten your names, or if I'm all dolled up and in bed - I've not skipped your party, I still care, I'm just spent, and sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have fatigue and need a time out. My thyroid love get it, they get me. Thank you. Now where did I park my car...


  1. Great post... that last paragraph is actually me - the jumbled sentences, forgetting names, getting dolled up only to fall into bed..! Hope you've been having a better few weeks :)

  2. Hey, Jess,
    I hope you are feeling good these days, getting dolled up and making it out! Thank you for sharing that you can relate. And thank you for your positive comment on the post.