Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear Thyroid

I have days when I get hit with panic, anxiety, and fatigue (waking up at 5AM only to fall asleep again for a "nap" by 830/9AM), resting as the time goes by. It's days like this where I now know that it's my disease - hypothyroidism - that's causing me a minor setback in my day to day living. There were days when I would forget that I'm sick because I'd look great, but felt crummy.

 I've come to a point of acceptance and acknowledgment, and it's been a journey, one that I'm blogging about and sharing with others, particularly several advocates within the thyroid community. The community I refer to consists of people who I have reached out to, such as thyroid health bloggers, advocates and those who have connected with me as well to share their stories, dialogue and allow me to thyrant (thanks friends at Dear Thyroid).

The friends at Dear Thyroid provide an amazing outlet for thyrants, support and people resources, they are known mostly for their Dear Thyroid Letters.  I've had my public thyrants, but my letter is one I'm working on, cause I struggle with my hypothyroidism. Do you? Have you written your letter? If not, what are you waiting on? Make new friends at the Dear Thyroid Organization. Write on!


  1. I've Been Feeling Tired...No Energy...Sleep Pattern Broken...Anxious...and Stressed....Mindset Scattered....Could I Have Some Feedback On Possible Causes Contributing To These Symptoms.

    1. Hi, Denis,
      Taking note of your symptoms and feelings is key. You should share these with your doctor to receive feedback and test possibilities to ensure whether or not you are suffering from a thyroid disease or not.
      I hope this finds you doing better and soon well!