Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let's Share Sources ~

Several years ago I had my thyroid removed due to the findings of benign tumors which lead to my diagnosis of hypothyroidism. Over the years I’ve read books, blogs, tweets and now letters about how others are surviving their thyroid issues and sharing their concerns. I’m working on a collection of essays, which are my personal narratives of what I’ve learned and experienced and what I’m still learning and experiencing living with hypothyroidism.
This past fall I connected with @dearthyroid on Twitter. You have to checkout the organization’s website. I’m still exploring it and enjoying it. The group is amazing; they offer a lot of support and information to those who are living with thyroid conditions. They epitomize sharing. And at Shared Dialogue Communications and Let’s Share Dialogue, we welcome those who want to share. I will continue to share my favorite blogs, authors of thyroid books and so on within my blog. Enjoy and please share with us who your favorite sources are!

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