Sunday, January 6, 2019

Happy Thyroid Awareness Month

January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Just a quick note and reminder for all. Daily those who suffer from thyroid conditions live their lives, and may look like rockstars while feeling like a hot mess on the inside. Be mindful, love and be kind. Most importantly, if you suffer from a thyroid health condition, love yourself, and remember it’s okay to push that reset button. #justmeeks #raiseawareness
~ Shemeka

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Sharing on Facebook

Let’s Share Dialogue is now on Facebook too! I’m sharing blog posts, what I’m reading and my favorite things. Pop over for a visit, and share.


Monday, August 6, 2018

And Then I Remembered

Time, it comes, it goes. It slows, it speeds up, it's up, it's down, it's big, it's's a lot like me living with hypothyroidism! Sometimes my vitamins are like time - they get away from me!

When my vitamin regimen gets away from me, I hate to say, it's not something I notice until I'm in bed, in my dress pants and blouse, curled up with my iPhone and laptop nearby right after work. Sometimes it's when a friend or family member asks, "Why are you so tired?" and it's in the middle of the day, or my body aches and I haven't lifted weights, run a mile or gone for a deep tissue massage at my favorite spa.

As time gets away from me, combined with my forgetfulness regarding my vitamins, the following happens to me: sleepiness, achy bones, lethargy, brain fog, and sometimes irritability goes up! Recently, I remembered, when my second consecutive week of post work naps came to an end, that I hadn't been taking my Vitamin D. I hadn't been taking my B Vitamins, probiotics, biotin or chromium. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes like time, my vitamins get away from me.

Think about how you're feeling, and take inventory of your feelings. It might not be the flu. It might not be a cold, or even a virus. Something just might be missing. If you have thyroid disease, or another condition surgically induced, autoimmune or a birthright, do inventory of your feelings and make sure you add back what's missing in your life. Your body will love you for it! Consider also eating food sources that are rich in these great vitamins too!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mind in Motion

Hi friends, last week, on Thursday, I had the honor of meeting Leigh Weinraub, acclaimed tennis athlete and catalyst for innovative therapy and positivity. Her message literally spoke to me. Her event at my corporate office, in honor of Women’s History Month, focused on heightened awareness, increased confidence and real results.

During the day, we have various “things” that pop up, are thrown at us, or that are simply scheduled on our Outlook calendars, agendas, and on floating sheets of paper that we carry in our purses, backpacks, pockets and vehicles. My message to you would be to make time for you. Don’t ever be “too busy” to take care of you, to read a chapter of that book, to walk around the pond, or to meet a real life tennis pro turned superstar motivator who genuinely cares for those she comes in contact with daily. Leigh, the gift you shared shall continue to be spread to those we come into contact with daily, which means that smile will keep on keeping on.

Have a great day, smiles,

Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year!

Smile, because you have been blessed with a new day! Happy Thyroid Awareness Month!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fatigue Be Gone!

This morning I woke up happy. I’m always happy when I wake up. I don’t always necessarily want to brave what the day has in store for me, but I’m literally happy for being blessed with another day in which I can choose my adventure. Today though, I was particularly happy because I snapped out of my extreme fatigue. 

Every September, since having hypothyroidism, I’ve been prone to an extended period of fatigue. It happens about twice a year, but in the fall it’s worse than in the spring. This year it lasted three weeks. If you suffer from a thyroid health condition, I KNOW you can relate. Pure exhaustion hits, brain fog stifles your speech and memories, and at times sleep doesn’t even feel like the answer. Usually I experience seasonal depression too. It just totally sucks.

This year was different, and I’ll tell you why. If you follow my blog, and you know me, I’m not about negativity. Regardless of how many shitty things that happen in life, no matter the endless battles many of us face with life in general, and chronic illnesses, we get to choose how we respond to our adventure. I love the Iowa State University (I’m an alumna) commercials, and each time I see them I smile because it’s a constant reminder that we have choices. In regards to our thyroid health, this means that we can control something in regards to our personal well-being. And if it’s regarding your career, do what you love and have a passion for, that’s living.

This year, instead of withdrawing completely from friends, activities, and just “resting” at home, I kept my commitments, and I made a commitment to myself. I did cardio four times a week, regardless of the day, regardless of how I was feeling; I powered thru it. If you have the right playlist, running happens, weight training happens, and you feel better. When you make personal commitments that impact your emotional, physical and mental health, you can go from feeling okay to good, good to better, and better to best.  

It’s Monday, TGIM! Smile and be blessed,

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Beyond Thankful

It is with much joy that I share that healthline has recognized Let’s Share Dialogue for a second year in a row! It’s truly an honor to be on their list of best thyroid health blogs for the year 2017!! Their words of recognition, and acknowledgment of my blog, and positivity, make me feel included and understood.

May your days be inspired; may you continue to be encouraged, as I wish the same for myself, as we continue to share dialogue!

All smiles,